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x2y for Mac

NEW! No matter where you need to make your aspect ratio calculations, x2y is here to help. Designed from the ground up with all the same attention to detail of the iOS version, x2y for Mac is the perfect companion to your favorite code editor.

x2y on the Mac also utilizes many of the newest macOS technologies, including support for the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro models. The Touch Bar gives you quick access to all the most common features without ever having to take your hands off the keyboard.


It's an old and common problem. You have an image or other media file, and you need to display it at a different size than the original. But when resizing the image, you need to be careful to keep the aspect ratio consistent, so that your media doesn't get stretched or pulled.

rectangles in ratio

So you take the original dimensions, the height or width of the desired new dimensions, and cross multiply to get the new missing dimension.

x2y helps make that calculation much easier.

Calculate values automatically

Enter the original dimensions, your new width or height, and the final dimension and percentage are calculated instantly. Change any of the other values, and your result is always instantly updated. You can switch between solving for x, y, or both at a specific percentage with a single tap.

x2y calculations

Use the toolbar

If you want to switch between landscape or portrait or want to solve for the width instead of the height, no problem. Tap a single button, and the values get swapped.

One of the realities of modern web and app design is the Retina displays found on most newer Apple products. With a single tap, x2y automatically doubles or triples your results, so you can quickly get your @2x and @3x values as well.

If you started with your @2x or @3x value, and you want to recalculate for the single-sized media file, just hold down the 2x button and your results will be halved, or hold down the 3x button, and your results will be cut to one third.

The stepper button allows you to step up your new dimensions in increments of the original ratio. Hold down the stepper to step down instead of up.

iPad running x2y

Choose a theme

x2y for iOS features several different color schemes, so you can set the environment to better suit your preferences. Switching between themes is so easy, you could change it as often as you like. Or, just set it once to your favorite and leave it that way.

On the Mac, x2y offers both a light and dark mode, so you can set your color scheme according to your preferences.

iPhone with x2y themes

Choose from the most common ratios

Whether it be a 16:9 video, an 8:10 photo, a screen capture from the new iPhone 5 screen, or an image in the Golden Ratio, x2y will let you set your original media dimensions with ease. Choose from a list of the most common image sizes found on the web and in media today. And don't worry; you can still set your dimensions manually for any ratio you might need.

Common Aspect Ratios List

Customize your common aspects

If you have a ratio you use often, but you don't see it on the Common Aspect List, x2y allows you to quickly and easily add items, so you always have fast access to the ratios you need in your everyday workflow.

You can also easily remove and reorder the items on your Common Aspects List, so you won't be cluttered with aspects you'll never need, either.

Edit Ratios

Keep your devices in sync with iCloud

With iCloud sync, you can keep your custom common aspect ratios in sync between all your devices, iOS and macOS alike.

iCloud sync

Round your results to the nearest pixel—or not

For most use cases, media dimensions need to be set as integer values. Flip a switch, and x2y will automatically round your results to the nearest whole pixel. Flip the switch off, and your results will be calculated to three decimal places, for more precision if you require it.

Round to the Nearest Pixel Switch

Copy and paste your results

On iOS, tap and hold on your solved value, and you will be able to choose from several formats to copy your results onto the device's pasteboard. Jump into your favorite text editor, and paste the results right in.

On the Mac, copying your results in the chosen format is as simple as a copy button on the main window, a shortcut keystroke on your keyboard, or a tap on the Touch Bar. The formatted results will be available to quickly paste into your application of choice. Copy to Clipboard

Use VoiceOver

x2y is fully compliant with Apple's VoiceOver for the visually impaired. There's no reason someone who has difficulty seeing the screen shouldn't be able to use all the great features of x2y.

If for some reason you find an issue with Voice Over functionality in x2y, please use our support page to contact us, and we'll get it rectified in the next version.


Install on all your Apple devices

x2y for iOS is a Universal app, so you get the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad versions with one purchase.

Of particular interest for the iPad is the Left and Right handed layout selector. No matter which hand you prefer to use for keying in your dimensions, you can set up x2y so that your preferred hand is never too far away.

And, of course, the iPad version works in landscape or portrait, so you can hold the iPad any way you want. And it's now optimized for the iPad Pro, as well.

The Mac version is a separate purchase, available on the Mac App Store. Install it on any Mac logged in with your AppleID.

Universal App

Read the integrated user guide

If you are just getting started with x2y, the integrated User Guide available inside the app explains all of the features of x2y in great detail. No need to worry if you're missing out on all x2y has to offer; it's all outlined within the app itself, for easy reference.

Integrated User Guide